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Our purpose with this book is simple—to celebrate life and to lift others. Whether that’s in sharing lessons learned on the road of life, or helping with medical and humanitarian aid in third-world countries … thank you for joining us on this journey!

Sometimes Wisdom Can Come From the Unlikeliest of Places—like the back of a Harley Davidson.

Such is the experience of two long-time riders,
Roy A. Hammond and Doug Andrew. While very different—Roy built a successful career as a dentist and philanthropist, and Doug has worked more than 40 years as a financial strategist, best-selling author, worldwide speaker and abundant living coach—these two brothers-in-law share a passion for the joy of riding, and life.


Much of what we experience on the road relates to life—and our hope is that our “long learning curves” can help you experience a much shorter “power curve,” giving you a map to a brighter future in all areas of your life. Such as:
-It’s Not about the Destination—It’s The Journey
-You Go Where You Look
-It’s Not If You Are Going to Fall—It’s When
It’s Not How Hard You Fall—It’s How You Recover
-Heavy Load … Tougher Ride
-It’s Not about How Loud the Noise—It’s about the Tone
-Riding Away From Danger
-In a Deep Canyon, Getting Help Is More Difficult
-When Your Voltage Regulator Wanes, Your Battery Drains
-How Much Gas Is in Your Tank?
-Some of Those Bugs Sting
-Following a Truck … You Are Blind to Dangers
-It’s All about the Attitude of Gratitude

We want to help make a difference, donating the net proceeds to support medical and humanitarian aid in third-world countries where the need is dire.